A little more about me

Working individually with you

This involves working 1:1 with you to explore the concerns you bring.  I am an integrative counsellor which means I have counselling tools that I can use to work in a variety of ways with you.  However,  I am primarily a person-centred counsellor.  This means that I help you to become the best version of yourself.  If you have any questions about this, please ask me.

Anxiety and Depression

 Coming to counselling gives you the chance to explore these feelings of anxiety or depression and the emotions and behaviours that may be accompanying these feelings.  This can help you to understand more about how you're feeling and how to cope with it better. Anxiety can include panic disorders, phobias, social anxiety and generalised anxiety.   We can explore some simple ways to help start to reduce these feelings and help you to slowly start to feel better.


 Many different situations in life can cause us to have a trauma response and this can bring up many different feelings and emotions.  We will look at what has happened to you and how you have responded to the trauma.  It might be a physical injury causing you trauma or a life event.  Many people experience flash backs and disassociation which can be very frightening.  I worked for Rape Crisis so have counselled individuals who suffered childhood emotional and sexual abuse, domestic violence, neglect and coercion.  

Relationship/family problems

Maybe you argue alot, you feel like your walking on egg shells, infidelity or many other problems can arise in our relationships.  Coming to counselling I will help you to explore  your role in the relationship and how you feel the relationship has changed.  What could be causing the current difficulties and how might they be resolved.  How do you and your partner communicate ? What do you want from the relationship?  These are just two of the questions that might arise in counselling.  Working non judgementally with you we can explore these questions and many more and together we can stat to make some sense of it.  Note: This is work I do with individuals, I do not work with couples or offer family therapy.

None of these reasons for counselling ?

You will have your own reasons for seeking counselling.  So if none of the areas I have listed apply to you, then please still get in touch.  We are all individuals and have our own reasons for asking for help, so do reach out and let me see how I can help with whatever is going on for you right now.

Amanda Roberts, Greenwoodcounselling.com